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Hand with Kelp (print)


Hand with Kelp
archival inkjet print
45.5 x 38.5 cm (18" x 15.25")

Another recently completed edition for the Hands series.

Some readers may recall seeing this image before here. Who knew then that these would become a print series?

Added Feb.24th: While searching for something else deep in the archives, I found the first scan of this object! Do have a look at the surprise inside.

Marja-Leena | 16/02/2013 | 10 comments
themes: Hands, Printworks


It's a real beauty and another of my favorites. They are images that deserve to be contemplated as their meanings are multi-layered.

I have just been looking back at your previous series, and am marvelling at how beautifully your work has evolved. I agree with Susan.

It looks like a gold brooch!

Susan, I'm pleased to read that you find these works have deeper meanings beyond the first look. You have the eyes to see. Thank you for that.

Olga, how happy I am that you've taken time to look back at my previous work and note the evolution. One gets too close to one's work sometimes so it is great to have others observe the bigger picture - thanks!

Leslee, yes, isn't that amazing!

I remember thinking it looked like a little treasure of gold. But now I am thinking that it looks like a lovely emblem of the mind--little suggestion of the brain. Hand and mind...

Marly, wow, I've often thought that root like forms look like brains, or clusters of blood vessels. Hand and mind... I like that!

I've used the image of the tree for veins in my writing, I am sure. Yes, it's evocative, that imagistic link between us and plants.

Marly, yes! I too have written about that connection and just recalled this, for example, from last summer. I wrote:

Today, as I was cutting up a dead shrub which had not survived a move last fall, I was struck by its gorgeous root formation. Then I recalled the beautiful filigrees of blood vessels and nerves in bodies, as I wrote some years ago about an exhibition called Body Worlds. Isn't that an amazing similarity between humans and plants?!

Rouchswalwe, danke!