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Hand with Nest


Hand with Nest
archival inkjet print
45.5 x 38.5 cm (18" x 15.25")

Marja-Leena | 03/01/2013 | 6 comments
themes: Hands, Printworks


I love the gold and silver spiraling on this elegant shape. It's true too what another of your friends mentioned that the act of holding the piece helps to define its properties and give it scale.

I do hope you checked to make sure its former inhabitants had moved.

Susan, it really is a lovely wasp nest, isn't it? I wish you could see this print larger for it really doesn't show as well as I'd like on this page. Oh, I just remembered - you can also see it here! Believe me, I'm careful with these for we have had the huge ones full of wasps around here. This was on the ground, broken and empty, when I found it.

I haven't for years seen the really big wasp nests, as I live in a city. But in our summer cabin there's still huge, foot ball size nests, and especially in very hot weather (which are rare, but do come off and on) they are absolutely aggressive.

I saw the title of your blog and my first thought was: it would be so good, if people would have nests in there hands, instead of lifting up fists in aggressive way.

So peaceful new year for you and all others around here!

Marjatta, what a wonderful thought to have on this piece: "it would be so good, if people would have nests in their hands, instead of lifting up fists in an aggressive way." Kiitos, thank you so much for this and the new year wishes. Hyvää Uutta Vuotta sinullekin!

Some strangeness to that one... The hand-with-eroded-seedpod is cousin to this, this being another kind of fruit with another kind of seeds, but of course we always have some sort of wincing feeling about stinging insects. There's also a little "swords into ploughshares" sense about it--turning this tight little kingdom of warfare into a print... After it has been "used up."

Marly, fascinating observations! How I love these comments that come in that often give me another insight into my work, sort of like having critiques with my artist friends.Thanks for sharing your thoughts so often, much appreciated!