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Happy 139th birthday, Canada!


On this Canada Day, we have pomp and ceremony in Ottawa, parades, musicals events and fireworks in many communities and many vacationers at cottages and campgrounds. We're at home awaiting family guests, some from the US too. The weather is too hot, body and brain feel mushy, so I leave you with a few links to peruse about Canada.

About Canada's national anthem

How Canada got its name

Garry Gaudet's irreverent look at our marriage of convenience with US , who is also celebrating a birthday on July 4th.

"some sobering reading for both Canadian and American alike on this holiday weekend" by Thunder Bay, Ontario blogger Peter.

LATER: Erika writes about a special CBC-TV documentary: The Canadian Guitar. I forgot about that, so thanks for the reminder, Erika.

Guess what language this Canadian anthem is - thanks to mirabilis.

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Happy Canada Day.

The 4th of July around here will be on the sad side around here for some. Due to the all the flooding that happen this past week.

Whoah, Cathy - had a look at the photos and that looks pretty bad! I'm sorry I don't remember what state you are in, it was somewhere in the east. I've heard of New Hampshire getting a lot of rain and flooding. It seems there are a lot of Orange counties in the US. I'm glad you are OK but it's tough for others I'm sure.