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Happy 141st!


It's Canada Day today. Despite all the hoopla, crowds and fireworks everywhere, we're just enjoying the holiday around home, puttering about and trying to keep cool in a heat wave. This thoughtful Canada Day meditation, written by a Canadian blogger in northern Ontario, really says it all for me. (Thanks Peter!)

Marja-Leena | 01/07/2008 | 6 comments
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To add to the celebrations let me say Canada leads the world in cheerful ski-lift attendants. The chilly weather at Panorama was immeasurably warmed up by the friendliness and encouragement generated by the young lads inspecting our passes there. Quite a contrast to the misery-guts who do the same job in Switzerland, Italy, Austria and, alas, France.

Barrett, how nice! So you've been to Canada. I've no experience in that department so would not be able to compare. Our local ski hills are good, but I'm more the cross-country-on-gentle-hills type myself.

Happy Canada Day to you, and thank you for that link to the Canada Day meditation. It was a thoughtful reminder of the very mixed nature of politics anywhere, even in a country that I tend to idealize as more progressive than my own.

Cynthia, thanks for your comment and visit!

Thanks for the link -- I liked Peter's meditation too. Happy belated Canada Day to one of my favorite Canadians!

Beth, thanks so much! Too bad we are so far apart in this huge country that we still haven't met.