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Happy Boxing Day

Reflections at the window of daughter's apartment Christmas Day evening, 2007

Christmas Eve day was sunny, and the evening frosty with a bright moon. We had our family and a friend here, for feasting, singing and watching out for Santa, then opening presents. A merry and warm Christmas! Just missing one daughter and partner but had several Skype chats and iChats with her. Christmas Day was almost a white one when it started to snow in the afternoon as we headed over to one daughter's place for a nice meal and play with the granddaughters. The snowfall was beautiful to watch, though very wet on the ground. Our area, closer to sea level had no snow by the time we returned home.

Today is Boxing Day, or in some European countries St. Stephen's Day, or Tapanipäivä in Finland - another day off work for some of us folks. Right now, we're eagerly awaiting our good friends, coming here for a short stay. We usually get together on New Year's Eve, but not this year. We will still have fun together.

Happy Boxing Day! Hauskaa Tapanipäivää!

Marja-Leena | 26/12/2007 | 2 comments
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Hauskaa Tapanipäivää Marja-Leena!
From this wet and windy (what, no snow?) corner of north-western France

Mouse, kiitos :-) We're having changeable weather, mostly wind and rain, some wet snow, some sun, like on Boxing Day. Did you hear that southern Finland had a 'black' Christmas, that's two years in a row!? What does that tell you?