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happy July 1st


It's Canada Day here and a holiday long weekend also for our southern neighbours. Wherever you are, have a good weekend!

Marja-Leena | 01/07/2011 | 17 comments
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Maybe I'm silly but I have no idea what that flower is - or was? It's lovely in any case. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

Susan, you're not being silly. I'm just such a tease not telling. It's what is left of a peony bloom that dropped all its petals. The sun emerged this afternoon so we were able to have a rare family BBQ on the backdeck with a toast to Canada's birthday!

I'm so silly that I don't even know what IS a peony. I will go check by Google.

It's really strange, everything outside is blooming, and the inside plants are getting grazy with the heatwave we presently have. At noon already 23 C and going up fast. Yesterday had a thunderstorm and probably more coming soon.

Air is standing still.

But inside both chinarose and porsline plant are producing flowers.

Ripsa, you aren't silly either! I think in Finnish it's 'pioni kukka'. Your chinarose plant might be a hibiscus, but I don't know this porsline plant, would it be a hoya? Sounds like it's warmer in Vaasa than here in Vancouver! We've only had two or three days like that between cooler showery ones. The long range forecast says we'll have a hot dry summer.

Ah, amazing flowers. Looking good even when they're droopy and nature-swept. If I only looked half that interesting and colourful when I woke up in the mornings ... alas ...

Happy Canada Day, Marja-Leena! It's raining here, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for sun on Monday for the planned BBQ.

Immediately wondered what Dickinson would have done with that post-flowering flower. I always think of her "clematis' electric hair" when I see a clematis vine with blooms past flowering.

Rouchswalwe, don't we all wish we looked that good in the morning! I hope your weather improves and you have a great July 4th! Looks like summer may finally be here at last, the forecast shows sun ALL week ahead.

Marly, I love how you instantly pick up literary references!

Never say we don't give you ex-colonials treats for July 1. That was a very silly hat wasn't it? One of the close-up photos had a mountie in the immediate background. For goodness sake, he had grey hair! Proof that you didn't take our treat very seriously. And the French! Aaarghh, I writhed. Next year why not invite Charles Manson?

BB, what do you mean EX-colonialists? Aren't we still a colony under another name? By treat (for readers not part of the British Commonwealth) I know you refer to the present visit of the future king and queen, the newest media/celebrity royals, certainly a beautiful couple to renew some interest in the monarchy. I side with the French who are ignoring the fuss, not the rude ones, why let them get under your skin. There will always be protestors, even in olde England.

All I remember about peonies is that they need ants for the blooms to open. Or at least the one granny had did. I certainly remember all the ants.

Best part of growing up in Detroit, was that we joined with Windsor for four days of festivities, 1-4 July. Huge fireworks on the river, parades, a two-city block party.

Zhoen, I've heard that about ants and peonies and wondered if that's true. I know that I hesitate cutting them for indoors because of the ants. Those July 4th celebrations sure are huge events down there, hope you have fun tomorrow.

Even if they require ants it doesn't mean that they will magically appear indoors, drawn by the faint signal of a lone bloom. You can try it, and get you a lizard or few lizards to clean up the ants if it doesn't work out.
As a Californian (adopted, though long-term), I fervently hope to make it up to beautiful Vancouver some time. One gets tired of perpetual sunshine. My spoiled son, who was born here, used to complain daily that he was hoping for rain that he seldom got.

Robbi, the ants are already in the peonies when I cut them though I shake them out first. We'll be sitting at table and finding them wandering about. Hmm, maybe a pet lizard... I wonder if it would also reduce our extreme populations outdoors too? We often contemplate getting an anteater.

Oh, by all means, if you crave some liquid sunshine, we usually have lots, at least ten months of the year. Of course, that's what makes it beautiful here.

My gosh your spring must have been late if you still have peonies around, even peonies that are about through blooming.
Yes, my aunt (!) always said peonies need to be bit by ants to bloom.
They are one of my favorite flowers.
Happy good weather and hols to you, Marja Leena.

Hattie, yes, spring was late and cold but summer's finally here. Thanks for the good wishes, same to you. Are you coming to Vancouver this summer?

How can you say that balding, toothy, clothes post is beautiful? That calls into question your aesthetic judgment. Perhaps he should have worn the hat. In saying French, I meant the French he spoke.

But what about the grey-haired mountie? Shouldn't he have been retired?

BB, oh my, aren't we cranky about the prince! And about grey-haired mounties perhaps too young to be retired. I have nothing against bald or grey, I think both can be beautiful regardless of age. As for his French, at least he tried in acknowledgment that we are a bilingual nation, and perhaps he needs to work on that a bit more, as do many of our politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa.

As a side note, I once did a print series of a balding young man, because I found his head beautiful. I know several men who even shave their heads and they look great. Think of Michelangelo's work.