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Happy New Year 2010


My husband and I will be home tonight with sleeping granddaughters. We'll enjoy a quiet evening with a late simple supper of turkey soup, then some games or a movie, accompanied by some Christmas baking and chocolates, some Finnish lakka or cloudberry liqueur and whatever strikes our fancy. The bottle of champagne may not get opened for it's too much for the two of us. We'll save it for a special birthday, I think.

Last night I noticed a brilliant moon emerge for a while from the cloud cover and had hopes we might see the blue moon tonight. No, it is raining but I hope some of you will see it.

I'm over the flu but still too tired to compose anything profound as a year end post, but I'm enjoying so many others'. As always, especially at these milestones on the calendar, I'm thankful for the many good things in my life even as these markers of time's passage make me feel older every year!

Thank you to all of you dear friends and readers for the past year's delights. I wish you all a New Year of Happiness, Good Health, Inspiration and Abundant Creativity! Hauskaa Uutta Vuotta! Bonne année! Allen ein frohes Neues Jahr!

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Happy New Year! I'm just waiting for the (cloud-hidden) moon to get a little higher before I go out and do a little sledding. I need to work off an unsually big meal.

Frohes Neues to you all, Marja-Leena! The Lecuona Cuban Boys are on the CD player here! Hope the blue moon peaks out at us sometime tonight!

Dave, thanks. Sledding at night, especially New Year's Eve, sounds absolutely divine and other worldly!

Rouchswalwe, thanks! We'll likely put on something operatic if we play games. I'll let you know if the blue moon does surprise us.

Happy New Year, ML, and thanks for all the lovelies you share here.

Happy New Year to you and Fred, Marja-leena.

Although I lived in Vancouver for six years and made many trips to the islands I never heard of or saw frost flowers until now. How beautiful and magical that we can still be surprised and delighted by each passing year. Your friendship is like that too. Happy New Year to you and yours, Marja-Leena.

Happy New Year. I love your thoughtful take on things. It was wonderful to visit you this year.

Lucy, thanks for your frequent visits and comments.

Joe, we both thank you and wish you and Heidi the same.

Susan, thanks! Let us keep on looking for the magic and sharing it!

Hattie, thank you for the wishes, words and visits both virtual and real!

Happy New Year Marja-Leena - always wonderful reading your posts from the other side of seasons! Such beautiful photographs. Linden

Happy New year Marja. I too was hoping to see the blue moon but instead watch snowflakes fall

Linden, thanks, great to hear from you, enjoying a summery New Year!

Cathy, thanks, snowflakes sound pretty...

This post emanates so much peace and warmth. It sounds like a perfect way to greet the New Year. I had the flu last month, too. So happy to be finally feeling like myself. Wishing you all good things in this New Year, Marja-leena.

Patry, wonderful of you to visit and thank you! Glad to hear you are well. Eldest granddaughter could not get to sleep so we spent much of the time with her, which was good too, as you know.

Happy New Year, Marja-Leena! Glad you're feeling better. Wishing you good health, and much joy and creative inspiration in the New Year.

Leslee, thank you! I think this will be a very good year!