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Happy St. Lucia Day!


This young maiden dressed in white with a red sash and a wreath of candles on her head brings light to the northern darkness! I wrote about this Swedish-Finnish tradition a year ago, so if it's new to you, please visit that post.

Finnish blogger-friend and writer Anna Amnell posted photos of the Santa Lucia parade in a rainy(!!) Helsinki. Note the girl with a crown of candles on her head representing Santa Lucia. Anna also wrote an article about Lucia that Finnish readers will enjoy.

Another blogger-friend Dave Bonta has a unique and beautiful view of the saint of light with some incredible photos of light patterns! Don't miss this one.

Marja-Leena | 13/12/2006 | 3 comments
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Thanks for the plug. I only found out about the holiday some five or six years ago, from a friend named Lucy, who, though not Scandinavian, bakes the traditional buns and delivers them to her neighbors in the pre-dawn darkness every December 13 - without the crown of candles, I guess.

Dave, your friend Lucy sounds very special! Are you one of the lucky recipients?

No, I don't live in her village.