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Happy Victoria Day

It is the Victoria Day long weekend for Canadians and out here on the Westcoast, if you are not "away", you are working in the garden and around the home. Gardening is what I am doing a lot of in May, and this weekend is when it is safe to start putting out tomatoes and the more delicate annuals, plus some of my tropical plants that I overwinter indoors. It is also a weekend that home improvement projects are tackled. Our project has been a year long one counting the preparation and a wood shed, but at last we are laying the paving stones on the side walk and back patio! Such is the life of an artist and a partner who use their own labour, and not always in the studio! The weather's beautiful, so back to work now!

(Thanks to mirabilis for the link.)

Marja-Leena | 24/05/2004 | 3 comments
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I hope you are careful with your hands when you're mucking about with those heavy old paving stones!
What tropical plants do you have?

Guess what? I wear my gardening gloves for handling the pavers too!

I have oleanders, hibiscus, tibouchina, pelargoniums, fuschia, dipladenia....Now you know my other secret passion!

How about you, do you winter-over any special plants?

I have two oleanders which have not flowered in two years - very healthy foliage though. They stand in the kitchen in winter. My hibiscus never goes out - she is red and twenty three years old (a valentine's present from my ex-husband)!

You should see the flowering shrubs in Cyprus - a huge variety, brilliant colours. There was one vast wall of scarlet die for. And amazing chubby bushes covered in what appeared to be candytuft. I wish I had bought a book to identify them all.