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I know I've been quiet here lately. We've had a full and wonderful week, first with friends visiting from Alberta whom we had not seen in something like a decade. Then yesterday friends from Victoria came for lunch. The weather was glorious all week as was the garden, most impressive for the Albertans! We are back to rain today.

Tomorrow we will attend the memorial and potluck for my late and dear aunt (as mentioned here), so I've been busy printing a card, gathering old photos of her to scan and print, and writing a few little 'memories' to share and reminisce over with her daughter, grandsons and several cousins.

I thought this image captures some of those deep heartwarming feelings of this week. I've actually used it before in another variation here. (However it is not part of the HANDS series of prints.)

Life should be back to normal next week when I'll catch up with visits and comments at your blogs, dear friends!

Marja-Leena | 27/04/2013 | 9 comments
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You've been taking care of the important things and that's always best. The little heart is a beauty.

I hope you have a sweet time reminiscing with your family.

Thinking of you.

Susan, thanks so much. Soon we shall be with all the family...

Tom! I found your comment in the spam box - so glad I caught it. Thank you for the thoughts.

If we could only pop images into these little boxes. I'd send you back Clive's hand-with-heart from "Thaliad"! Very different, yet same loving thought.

Looking forward to seeing you soon chez Hattie!

Marly, Clive's hand-with-heart is indeed lovely! That reminds me - I received his bookplate for Thaliad last week - so special!

Hattie, I just got home less than an hour ago from our overnight trip so give me a little time to catch up!

Sending you a hug!

Glad you said that--I need to finish mailing the U. S. bookplates! Eep.

the Insomniac

Rouchswalwe, thank you!

The 'remembering K' was also very heart-warming, with many shared stories, memories, hugs, laughter and some tears. It was at my cousin's home where my aunt passed away. A lovely cottage by a little lake - so pretty. More wonderful memories to treasure and hold close.

Marly, yikes, indeed, and at 4:30 am your time??? I know how you feel, I did not sleep a wink the night before from all the emotions of the day, and an awful bed. Thankfully I slept well last night in my own bed.