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I know I shouldn't complain after our cool spring but I am much too hot! It was 30C (86F) here yesterday and today will be hotter, and it's humid too. I know those in eastern Canada and US are experiencing even higher temperatures. I'm only half joking when I say that it's my northern blood that makes me so intolerant of the heat, for I get headachy, bloated and downright cranky in hot weather.

A couple of evenings ago just before it got this hot, we managed to process a lot of strawberries for the freezer and then early yesterday morning I made some no-sugar freezer jam which finished me for the day. Hope it turns out!

Between watering the garden and trying to keep cool downstairs, far away from computer and studio, I'm not going to get much done except for some interesting reading which I hope to write about later - on a cool day.

Marja-Leena | 08/07/2010 | 10 comments
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Ah, so the heat does explains my craziness and snappish speech of late! I wanted to blame it on this awful, up-your-nose heat and humidity, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Now that you have described the very things I've gone through in this heat, I give myself permission.

I keep scanning the horizon for thunderheads, hoping they'll visit my backyard. If they come close, I'll tell them to go see you, too.

yep, Martha has hit the nail on the head with her description. The humidity here in the valley is horrible, and there isn't even a breeze. Last night, a short thunderstorm swept through, but it hasn't cooled things down. I made the mistake of going to Kyoto one summer for a bit of sightseeing, and learned a new word in Japanese ~ bonchi. When I complained that the heat and humidity had been oppressive, I was given a look that said, "duh! Kyoto is in a Bonchi (a humid valley)!" Do you live in a Bonchi, Marja-Leena?

It is pleasantly cool and dark here as I write this in the evening. It was up in the 80's for a couple of hours and very bright during the day.
That's fairly typical of the weather all year round here. The trades keep us comfortable.
Hope your heat wave breaks, because if you are not acclimated hot weather is hell. Last time I was in Vancouver, the heat really frazzeled me.

Martha, I'd be even more miserable a person at the temperatures you're having in the east. Keep taking those cool showers and hope for a change in the weather!

R, 'Bonchi' might apply to the Fraser Valley east of Vancouver. I know it's always hotter there but not sure about the humidity. The air quality can get bad there in the summer heat. This morning the humidity is 64% according to the weather report from Vancouver airport, located by the sea, usually cooler than inland.

Hattie, the 80's is still too warm for me! But I'm glad you find it comfortable. Yesterday, we hit 32C, almost 90F and we are to get the same today before it starts to lessen over the next few days! Frazzled is right!

I don't do well in hot weather either and since the temperature here went from 60 on Monday to 95 on Tuesday I can only empathize. May your weather return to gentle levels soon - cool misty mornings and gentle evening breeze.

Wade Davis has always been one of my favorite people. Hope you've found a shady spot for reading.

People have definitely been irritable around here with the heat wave! It was slightly cooler today, with quite a lot less humidity and so more tolerable. I even managed a walk after lunch. It looks like scattered thunderstorms this weekend and for the foreseeable future! We could use the rain. Stay cool!

Yummy photo!

Yes, it's been a scorcher this past week. Right now, I'm hoping the coming t-storms cools things off for tonight. and just the hahaha of it, I posted a picture of snow on my blog this past week.

Susan, you're having the same weather it seems. I wish you cooler temperatures too! And I'm pleased to hear that you like Wade Davis too!

Leslee, hope the rains come and cool you and water the gardens! I wouldn't mind some too.

Cathy, thanks. I remember that snow photo and thought how cooling it feels to just look at it! Wishing you cooling rains too.

Ah the 'canicule'!
I have the perfect solution, an air-conditioned office and at home a bucket of cold water in which to paddle when I am about to melt
I, too, have Northern genes and am longing for snow right now...
But, pop over to Tea and Cookies to read how she copes with the heat, it's lovely and makes one feel cool just reading her post!

Julie, your air-conditioned office sounds so inviting! I had to look up 'canicule', it's the dog days of summer! And thanks for the mention of Tea and Cookies and tips of cold showers, frozen and cold fruit - all techniques I use too. In fact, I saved quite a lot of strawberries to keep in the fridge, and I have a few throughout the day. Next will be the frozen ones. Chilled herbal tea is a favourite of mine. No cooking, just lots of salads. Still, these are just survival tricks, I don't get much work done with a mushy brain and body :-)