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More flower shots, a study of a gorgeous amaryllis.
I just can't help myself for these remind me of Georgia O'Keeffe.
Odd this passion, for I've never used flowers in my paintings or prints.

Marja-Leena | 21/02/2010 | 15 comments
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Oh they are such amazing over-the-top flowers aren't they, I just love them!

Not getting at all bored with your flowers, the little daffodil earlier made me go 'Ahhh!'

And so sorry I missed your birthday earlier, I wish you belatedly all joy and love.

My granddaughter had a wonderful time here collecting flowers, making arrangements, and photographing them with the camera she got for her birthday.

Lucy, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Glad you like the flowers.

Hattie, how sweet... what age is your granddaughter?

I am happy you giving us these colours and blossoms. ( Everything is still white here..)I Think georgia O´Keeffe is one of the most interesting artists. I visited 2008 Sante Fe and the museum of hers. That was wonderful. They also had Ansel Adam`s pictures on display then and they were georgius, too!

Hei Leena! How great that you've been to Santa Fe and the O'Keeffe museum, plus seeing the Ansel Adams! Lucky you!

And guess what? Right now I'm watching the Finland-Sweden hockey match on TV, and I'm not even a hockey fan!

Those are gorgeous, Marja-Leena. Funny that your art is so focused on the ancient, yet you're also a gardener, no? I like that contrast of the ancient and enduring and the ephemeral.

Oh! At first I thought a creature of some sort was crawling towards me in photo #1. What fun! That is some macro lens! The colours are fantastic.

Leslee, you know me very well and say it well, thank you!

rouchswalwe, I was highly tempted to post only the first photo and let you all guess. Macro is really fun and my latest passion as you can see. Flowers are such handy easy and beautiful subjects but I hope to do other things too. I love your macros of icicles!

To think of all the energy stored in those bulbs and seeds and rhizomes only for the continuance of sheer beauty for its own sake is breathtaking.

Susan, isn't it amazing?! And think of the reproduction, the bees and butterflies that are attracted to them, how all that works... or doesn't when we humans mess it all up...

I enjoy your macro shots, Marja-Leena. They give us an intimate view of a hidden (well, not closely seen, anyway) world...very much like O'Keefe did with her art form!

These are beautiful photographs, so tender and intimate.

Martha and Firebird, thanks to you both. The word 'intimate' is a good word for this close-up experience!

My granddaughter is seven and loves art and photography.
ML: sorry if this posted more than once!

Hattie, it's a wonderful age, isn't it? Our older one is 9 already and her sister is 4, both are amazing artists.

(Yes, this was one of three. I chose to publish this one because I see it happen occasionally with some commenters and I wonder why that happens.)