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Still very busy, now preparing for a new schedule for this fall as I head back to the printmaking studio, but wanted to quickly post some photos of the amazing rocks on Hornby Island. More to come...

Marja-Leena | 08/09/2009 | 12 comments
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Both the island and its rocks look magnificent. These pictures oddly have something of the same feel as your London details...

Rocks are among the world's many beautiful things. I admire your ability to make detail so important.

My husband and I were planning to spend some time on Hornby Island during our next North American vacation - unfortunately that trip is definitely on hold while we have my mother here. The photos are intriguing. What has caused the regular 'cuts' in the rocks?

How exciting to be preparing to print. I await your creative endeavours with eager anticipation.

Lucy, that's a very good observation! Pattern and weathering details of both the man-made and the nature-made have long interested me.

Anne, thanks! I do get excited by weathered and unusual rocks and their amazing textures. Nature's art, isn't it?

Olga, I'm sorry your trip has been postponed! Hornby or any of the Gulf Islands would be wonderful for you to visit. I hope you will also come to Vancouver when the trip happens, it would lovely to meet!

I had my first visit to the studio today, just getting my space organized and meeting old friends as well as several new members. It will take me a little while to get into my work again for there are still some distractions with more visitors coming, but I'm hopeful that it won't take too long to get some prints made. Thanks for your enthusiastic interest, Olga!

Hmm those would make good background.

Ah I was going ask you tonight if you were doing anymore printmaking. Thought maybe you were in a midst a block and didn't want anybody to know about it..

Look forward to seeing the new work

Cathy, thanks. No, not a block. I took a half a year's leave from the studio, the first in 24 years, just needing some time off. I'm very excited to be back again especially with a large collection of new photos to inspire me. Maybe one of these?

What beautiful rocks -- and photos, of course. I bet they will provide plenty of inspiration for work we all look forward to seeing.

Now that's a vacation spot right up my alley. So glad you had nice weather.
Last year, I watched an artist make a print and was fascinated by the whole procedure. Looking forward to seeing some of yours, Marja-Leena.

These are SO gorgeous - I especially like the top photo. How can we ever attempt to improve on nature's own beauty?

Maria, thanks, I hope some will appear in my work in coming months.

R, I'm glad you were able to see a printmaker at work, it is fascinating!

Beth, yes, but I'll keep on trying :-)

Is that oil oozing out of the second rock?

Bee, I think it's seaweed and water. There are a lot of tidal pools in those rocks.