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"Going on a big journey means more to you than anything else right now. Don't be too concerned with the spoils you could take home at the end of the day. Take time to appreciate what is simple and elegant. Clear your mind."

I found this horoscope for Aquarius (that's me) on May 19, 2002 in the daily newspaper that I was reading at the Vancouver airport while waiting to board a flight to Helsinki via Copenhagen. It was the start of an exciting trip for I was on my way to install an exhibition of my prints in Pohjanmaan Museum in Vaasa, Finland. (Read about that in a very early post.) This horoscope was so very accurate and appropriate that I tucked it into my little travel diary with a frisson of synchronicity. I came across it just now when I went to find a certain forgotten name in that diary. Horoscopes, to me, are just amusements - rarely accurate and often aimed at young singles looking for a romantic partner. THIS one was a brilliant exception, don't you think?

Marja-Leena | 03/07/2005 | 2 comments
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Yes indeed.
Tonight I dreamed I had a small E-mail from my mother, she died in July 2002. I read the E-mail, and it was 100% her little bit confused style. I try to remember the few lines, and I wonder, if she "really" talked to me last night. Life is a real mystery. Hans

yea, funny how these little nudges pop up in the weirdest places. also really like that image - lovely.