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heat haze at 10:00 am

A heat wave persists with the hottest day yet on Sunday breaking some records here and there, 34C (93F) in our backyard. A brief break yesterday afternoon on a holiday long weekend with cloud and a light shower had me standing at an open door, breathing in the intoxicating scent of rain and cooling air. Long lists of things-to-do are not being done, being undone by heat, turning me into a sleep-deprived grumpy wet sloth. I struggle to keep up with watering the garden, even blogging. We eat salads, cherries, berries, peaches. I read old books of my parents that are going to be passed on in an ongoing clear-out, even a novel in Finnish for the first time in decades, proud of myself for managing it. Much family goings-on continue with the addition of son-in-law who arrived yesterday for a month's stay. A niece's wedding is coming up, I must make something to wear.

8:15 pm - as husband and I sat down for supper in the solarium at about 7:30, the clouds which had been gathering in the afternoon suddenly turned ominously dark. We heard thunder in the distance. Suddenly a downpour hit and I rushed to close skylights. Incredible noise of pounding rain on the overhead glass. Thunder and lightning in the distance moved ever closer. Finally a tremendous clap right overhead made us jump. The storm moved on while we continued to watch lightning in the distance. What a dinner show! And the fresh cool breeze is delightful.

still later... it came back - what a light show all evening! good night!

Added the next morning: the news reports the storm was a big one, with power outages for thousands. I feel for those people stranded on Grouse Mountain. We were lucky to enjoy the entertainment without any pain.

Marja-Leena | 07/08/2012 | 13 comments
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Oh, stay cool and quiet, Marja-Leena, I know that draggy feeling well by now! It becomes so difficult to do even simple things...but bravo for you with the Finnish! Enjoy your family and let them wait on you a little!

How well I remember that wondrous feeling of relief at the arrival of a thunderstorm during extreme heat. The smell of wet cement always brings back the memories of such downpours in my childhood times in Greece because of all the building during the 50s and 60s.

During such great heat and humidity (which I have not experienced here for many years) I used to refresh myself by putting my feet up to the ankles in cold water, similarly my wrists.

I find that the weather nowadays seems to take pleasure in confounding plans. I'm learning to make lists, and simply do what is feasible on the day - sitting glaekit (staring into the middle distance)and letting life wash over is also on that list!

I can't believe Vancouver is having weather such as you describe! Oppressive heat and thunderstorms? It sounds like summer in the Midwest.
I hope the heat breaks soon, so you can get back to normal and enjoy your family visit and the wedding

Storms have been forecast here every few days for more than a month but none have arrived. Now I've read your description of the one you just experienced perhaps I should be counting my blessings. I hope it's cooler there now.

The picture is lovely. Will you be posting one of you in your new party dress?

Oh, I miss thunderstorms so much! It's pretty much constantly 13 degrees over here and never really storms. Good luck with the sewing, I'm off to have a look at that article about the print shop!

The background looks so cool there that all the heat must be emitted by the hibiscus...

Living up North, I have missed warmth so much that I won't complain about heat in this hot summer. But I might just go downstairs and get some frozen cherries and grapes out of the freezer. I tossed a couple of pounds of them in there a few days ago--better than popsicles. Good reminder, that list of cool fruits.

I'm a great fruit smoothie drinker, but I use almond milk for mine to get the additional calcium. (Evidently I barely have bones, and I have all the negatives for osteoporosis--was a blond child, European extraction, small, etc.) Do eat Greek yogurt (the original Chobani plant is around an hour away) and drink kefir, though.

It's too bad we can't swap temperatures as needed! My husband is from south of Montreal, just inside NYS, and he likes to be very cool.