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a weekend of snow, rain, ice and snow again
so beautiful and bright
and more snow coming tonight!

Marja-Leena | 28/01/2008 | 14 comments
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Beautiful! Enjoy your snow!

Enjoy you snow and thanks posting thoses wonderful pictures too.

Oooh, make a snowball for meeeeee!!!

BTW -- have you seen this?

We finally have our first snow of the season. I'm so thrilled!

How beautiful. Not a snowflake has been seen here and I see that the first daffodil is out.

Thanks, all, I'm enjoying it. It has started snowing again this evening! I wonder how much we'll get and how long it'll stay?

Lori, that's a great link! Sending you a virtual snowball - wheee!
Patry - your first snow?! Enjoy!

Anna, don't rub it in! I've heard that England and Brittany have daffs out already. Only a few snowdrops in my garden.

Kauniita maisemia katselet!

Oh, the second one, ooh.

Tuima, niin, olemme onnekkaita asua näin kauniilla paikalla mailmaa! Kiitos kun kävit.

Olga and Jean, thanks for your appreciation.

gorgeous pictures M-L. Snow predicted for us at the weekend but last time it was a flurry that covered the car, and gone, so I'll believe it when I see it.

Thanks, Tall Girl, it's easy to take gorgeous pictures when nature is so beautiful. Occasional flurries were all we had up 'til now. A cold winter this time around. The few snowdrops that have been brave enough to emerge are under snow.

All lovely, but the second one is a real 'Aha!'

Lucy, thanks; that second one is also my favourite, an ephemeral moment and almost abstract.