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ice on glass


about 4:45 pm. January 14th as the melting snow rivulets begin to freeze


above and below, about 9:45 am. January 15th before the melt


Though the ice melted, the snow remained crunchy underfoot as it remains cold and clear and going down to -5C (23F) tonight. Winter's beauty - may it last a little while.

PS. Speaking of which, you may enjoy watching these crazy Finnish men fishing under ice. Thanks, Anita!

Marja-Leena | 15/01/2012 | 7 comments
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Lovely, but brrr. Headed up to Seattle again in a couple of weeks. It would be fun to see some snow, though.

These demonstrate what I have been thinking for some time: that natural effects like these which resemble very little other than what they are have a similar impact to abstract art, and help in the appreciation of it.

Ah, Marja-Leena, I'm sure these young crazy men up in North are either that way from birth - or are doing a performance!

Meanwhile, is bumping on zero here, and snowing a bit off and on. Good shoes on, and to a walk!

Hattie, I don't know how much snow Seattle is getting. This weather may last a few more days, but it should warm up before you arrive.

Joe, I agree. You have an artist's eye. The first image especially is quite abstract and made me think I might do a print of it.

Ripsa, that video is quite strange and disorienting, isn't it? Quite a teaser. Oddly, our weather is rather similar right now, but Vancouverites go a little nuts having to drive in this.

The video was most strange - how did they manage to pour water under the ice, I wonder? Your pictures of the ice covering on your windows are much easier on my eyes and mind. Lovely images.

That first one reminds me of a Makoto Fujimura piece...

Susan, the video employs a lot of trickery, I don't understand it all. Did you notice the bubbles moving down whereas they normally would go up under water? Glad my photos please.

Marly, now that you mention it, I do see what you mean - thanks!