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experiments in the studio
still not working

a walk in the garden
between showers

signs of spring
lifting the veil
to joy

Marja-Leena | 13/02/2007 | 11 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Photography


So beautiful! And so far away for us on the other coast! (That Christmas rose - hellebore? - is that what it is? is soooo lovely!)

Beth, thanks, glad this gives pleasure! Our spring is later this year. You should come visit Vancouver in the spring, it's lovely out here. And yes, that's a hellebore, a Lenten one, I think. Poor thing gets battered and flattened by all the rain. Are you getting this huge snowstorm in Montreal that swept through northern NY state?

These are so lovely, dear ML. Hope the experiments in the studio come right for you.

Lucy, thank you! I'm going to print one tomorrow and see how it goes - maybe this third try will be the lucky one!

Oh! These are gorgeous! Lucky you!

"signs of spring
lifting the veil
to joy"

Such beautiful words, too.

MB, from such a good photographer and poet, that's high praise, thank you!

those photos are amazing! the 3rd one reminds me of Linda McCartney's photograph of foxgloves, and other similar ones.

Erika, thanks! Have you noticed that when one takes a photo of something you see everyday, it looks quite special when captured and "framed"? I don't know Linda McCartney's photographs, must look for them!

Definitely. I don't remember those Christmas roses, though.

I'll have to send you the McCartney photos I scanned from her book (I can't remember what it's called, but they have it at the VPL).

Lovely, just lovely.

Erk, my backyard flower beds are filling with Sonchus and my back is too achey to get after them...

Ah well. Guess I'll just go here for prettier thoughts.

Lori, thanks, but no worries, my garden is full of weeds too. It's amazing how quickly they start to grow as soon as the frosty weather eases up. Just need to find the time and a dry day to get after them before they flower! What are Sonchus? - that's a new name for me.