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In our neighbourhood near sea level, most of Friday night's snow has melted. Lots of brilliant white snow lies low down on the mountains. It's cold and a bit windy, hovering around freezing this afternoon as I go about storing some pots and garden supplies into the shed. I was drawn to the all too few spots touched by the low afternoon sun of winter, on the cotoneaster clinging to the cypress and the faded hydrangea flowers by the back fence. In the lawn now in shade I notice a mushroom. My gloved fingers soon feel frozen and I decide to return indoors to pot up the few cuttings I had nipped in my wanderings.

This evening it's clear with a brilliant full moon lighting up the sea and snowy mountains. They say tonight will be even colder at -7c (19 F).

Marja-Leena | 21/11/2010 | 7 comments
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Cotoneaster and winter sun provide one of those perfect combinations. I also love the look of the bark against which the cotoneaster is draped.

Wow, snow already? I don't think we've even had snow in the mountains here yet. It will be near freezing this week at night. Lovely shots of the sun on the berries and mushrooms in your yard!

I love the subtle effects in these photos. The hydrangea appeals, with the out of focus foreground and the shadows.
Stay warm!!!

The way you see colours and details is always a delight to me. Your work is proof enough there's magic and beauty to be found every day.

ps: You won a birthday card if you'd like to email me an address.

Olga, thanks, I'm glad you agree!

Leslee, thanks. It is most unusual for the west coast to have winter already, though not uncommon on our prairies. This morning I had to walk to an appointment about ten minutes away, then home again, and I could not believe how bitterly cold the wind is - made me think of Winnipeg! (Apparently the windchill is -10C or 14F). I've grown soft.

Hattie, glad you like the photos. On a day like today, I realize I don't have warm enough cold weather clothing!

Susan, thanks as always for your generous comments! And WOW, I'm just thrilled to have won a lovely watercolour of yours, thank you, and it's not even my birthday!!

i wonder what they'd call your -7 if they included the damp chilling you to the bone-factor as well as the windchill factor! x

Elisa, with the windchill it would feel about 10 degrees cooler, and, believe it or not, it's very dry! I can't use enough moisturizer and my hair is all fly-away instead of frizzy :-) Oh well, it's starting to warm up now, and snow might be here overnight, then it will be back to lots of rain.