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There's beauty even on an industrial site if you open your eyes wide.

Marja-Leena | 30/08/2006 | 3 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Photoworks, Urban


I love this but I also agree with you about beauty - I think it's in loads of unexpected places if you open em or scrunch em or do something. There's a half derelict stone masons next to a cemetary on Smithdown Road near me and I wish I could draw what's beautiful about it! I think you probably could!

The need to create must be extremely strong in us artistic types, because there is so much accidental beauty around we do not really need to add to it to derive pleasure and delight in looking.

Dem, I think you can draw anything you set your mind on! I find sometimes I just have to give it time, and keep sketching until it starts to feel right before doing the "good" drawing.

Omega, yes that's true, but I also think us artistic or visual types can help others SEE what they might not really notice, even in the everyday, and to see the beauty in what might be considered ugly.