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Buried deep inside blowsy peony petals, like the parts of a heart...

Have been too quiet here because I'm overwhelmingly busy with several family members returning home. This has set in motion a mind-boggling chain reaction of moving furniture and stuff from room to room to squeeze in yet more. And a desperate need to purge the accumulation of years of packratting; it's time to Freecycle! Alternating with work is play with our granddaughters who are delighted to have adoring grandparents at their beck and call. The empty nest is full again.

Marja-Leena | 26/06/2008 | 10 comments
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Snap! We are in the midst of a huge clearout. I don't believe we've thrown anything out since we came here 18 years ago, and we had been collecting long before then! It feels good to purge, however.

I love the photo.

Goodness, you sound busy; good luck with it all! You've been taking some lovely photos — as usual. This one feels intense and intimate, like the inside of a heart, as you say.

Olga, you too?! I don't mind the purging in my own sweet time, but it's challenging and hard to move when there's so much other stuff coming in, sigh.

mb, thanks, glad you like the photo. Yes, too busy...

Lucy, fun you say? The little ones - yes, all the moving - no. I think I'm getting too old for chaos :-) What we do for our family!

I must admit to throwing the house into chaos since returning from Alice - it is funny how the eyes see things differently when you have had a break from seeing the everyday! Pulled up old carpet ( a bare floor is better than a yuk old carpet) - changing rooms from one thing to another - and yes it is all for the family who will be visiting from the end of August through to January - I hope! No grandchildren yet - ever? But it will be wonderful to have a busy home again. Thanks very much for your input on my blog!

That does remind me of a heart. Lovely photo. Hm, now that I'm thinking of "blowsy" I'm thinking hooker with a heart of gold!

Well, I hope things calm down around there soon. Maybe you can escape to your garden...

What a gorgeous photograph! And I didn't comment on the garden one a few posts back, but it's really lovely - I hope you'll post more shots as the summer develops. Wishing you a really happy time with your family, Marja-Leena!

Leslee, thanks, the hooker analogy makes me think of Lautrec's characters! I think it's going to be a while before the chaos subsides. When everyone moved out, they didn't have as much stuff as they have now brought back. And now we have a heat wave as well which saps me and keeps me busy watering the garden.

Beth, thanks for all the kind words! It's taking some adjustment for us to go from the two of us to suddenly five more but I'm sure it will settle down in time. I'll try to remember to take garden photos, though I think it's at its best in the spring.

That picture makes one want to be a bee.
I know how you feel about the furniture et al - at one time or another we absorbed four households into this one house. It has taken me years to pare it all down again. But yours is a joyful chaos as it brings the family close.

Oh wow, Anna, if you can do it, I can, and even call the chaos joyful! Thanks for the chin up!