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I've been quiet here as I'm busy with family as well as all the watering and gardening to keep up in this continuing warm and dry weather.

So today, I'd like to just quickly share something a friend sent me (thanks, D). Watch a drawing in action of a skeleton that comes to life, you will be amazed. I actually posted this almost five years ago but it's well worth a revisit. Reminds me of life drawing classes of long ago. Enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 17/07/2010 | 12 comments
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Fascinating! Really breaks down drawing the human form into step-by-step, easy to remember format. So cool to watch the animation...thanks for posting this.

Martha, I'm glad that you enjoyed this.

That's cool!
We're in the doldrums here, and I'm kind of enjoying a snoozy afternoon, so that's a fun thing to look at after my post prandial nap!

Hattie, by doldrums, you must mean the trade winds have stopped? I can vouch for naps taken in cool places on a hot afternoon :-)

always good to be reminded! that is an amazing animation...

Fire Bird, yes, even for me. It reminds me that it's a long while since I did a life drawing.

That's great! I'd kind of quite like to see one the other way around, with the clothes and flesh falling away to the bones, but that might be just a bit medieval and perverse, I suppose! Also, I'm a bit puzzled why she's wearing stockings under trousers...

Lucy, you want to see a strip tease? As for the stockings, maybe she was wearing them as part of that very act? Actually, I think it's just a way for the artist to add more details to the body and then erase as new 'layers' came on. But what do I know. I wish there was some text about the artist.

That was amazing.

Susan, it really is rather fun to watch, isn't it?

Excellent, I'm trailing in your footsteps. Having warned people about my unfortunate Northern accent which undermines all my most profound utterances, Julia (whom we are meeting in Prague this September) suggested I prepare her by posting a recording of me reading one of my sonnets. A good idea which I am still struggling to execute. While you're already on to animation. This reminds me of a truly great experience in the plastic arts: a film called Le mystère du Picasso in which Picasso does various paintings on glass (often changing his mind radically as he paints) in front of a camera and these activities are then shown speeded up in the film. Marvellous! The painter's mind at work. Same things with your skeleton.

BB, am I reading this right - you think I did this drawing animation? I can draw but not do the latter. It's unfortunate that there is no ID on the animation so that I could give proper credit. I don't recall seeing that Picasso film, must find it, thank you.

I hope you are putting your reading on your blog. I think you have met Julia in Prague before, or was that just Mrs BB? We were in Prague in 2002 and loved it, I wish we could visit again, and meet Julia too.