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Here are a few installation views taken of my 1998 solo exhibition of the Meta-morphosis series at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver, BC.

Installation photos are always a challenge with the various lights, reflections and distractions (like the dark plinths), but they do give some overall view of the exhibition.



This bottom photo shows a display of the deeply- etched copperplate that was used in printing the adjacent Meta-morphosis X prints.

Marja-Leena | 01/09/2004 | 1 comment
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1 comment


When I do (or get) installation shots done here, I don't worry about "the various lights, reflections and distractions" I aim for complete, or semi-complete walls. I know that there are better slides or pictures of each individual piece, but from my perspective how they are grouped is what I am trying to document with the installation shots.

So with you first one (2SAG4.jpg) I would have either zoomed in just to get the back wall or pulled out to make the left wall balance with the right.

1SAG32.jpg to my eye is cropped too much on the left side. I would've tried to get a complete version of the piece on the left.

3SAG35.jpg works well, kudos!

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