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We're back! We've had a wonderful little trip to southern Vancouver Island for a few days, visiting family and friends. The weather was in its very best Westcoast summer mode, and we quickly unwound to vacation mood on the beautiful ferry trip over Georgia Strait. We were especially fortunate to get on the ferries without waits in both directions, by traveling Sunday morning and Tuesday evening, thus contributing to the relaxed holiday feeling.

With this gorgeous weather, beaches and backyards were prominent settings for good times spent visiting everyone. We stayed in North Saanich with my husband's sister, joined by niece and nephew - it was really wonderful to connect again with these very energetic and busy individuals. We also visited my favourite 82 year old uncle and his wife in their Victoria home. Then there were our dearest friends who have just retired and moved away from our neighbourhood to an old cottage on the water overlooking Cordova Bay, just outside Victoria. We just had to see them and have a tour of their 'new' home - what a wonderful view across to the San Juan Islands and Mt. Baker, no wonder they fell in love with this community! It was delightful to stroll along the sandy beach, watch the birds feeding on sandbars and the kids skimboarding, comment on the many styles of homes from old modest cottages to architectural masterpieces (one was an almost windowless monstrosity I must add!) and stop for lunch at the popular beachfront restaurant. Time flies with good friends and dear family!

Of course we took numerous photos, mostly typical holiday pictures of gorgeous scenery and family and friends, but I was really pleased to find and capture some images of interesting weathered rocks that may be useful in my current series of prints, and I might post some later. But for now, above are some highlights of this Westcoast beauty that we are so grateful to be able to enjoy.

Marja-Leena | 27/07/2005 | 2 comments
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I'm seriously considering now that the move I should make from Japan should be to Canada, and the Vancouver area in particular. I lived in Oregon for 10 years and have always loved the Northwest. Vancouver is still one of my favorite cities and it has all the mountains and ocean I could hope for. Plus, Canada has a whole different attitude about people that would do a lot to make me feel a lot more at home than the US. Reading your words, as those of others who have moved to Canada, has only inspired me more to make the move. (though another part of me wants to go back to Europe, too...)

Oh, you've been here, Butuki, so you know Vancouver! It has grown tremendously since we moved here over 30 years ago and we complain of the traffic. Like every city, there are some problems, but we still love it here. It would be fun if we should meet here and I could introduce you to several Japanese friends.
Europe always calls us too, I suppose because our roots are there, like yours.

I wish you well in making your decision on where to move - I don't imagine it to be an easy one even when you have lived in many places, Butuki.