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it's raining

... it's pouring, thundering on skylights, roofs and decks,
gardens become sated with drink after a long drought,
three days of rain after months of scarcely a drop,
still more watery days to continue


remembering one magical sight of white branches
glowing in a forest of reds, yellows and greens in brilliant sunshine

now I watch water flowing down skylights, distorting views
yellow leaves fly about and stick onto wet glass
this is fall on the west coast of BC


Marja-Leena | 14/10/2012 | 9 comments
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Both pictures are very beautiful each in their own way. As you've said before it's a matter of how we see things and not just what's there to be seen.

If it's any consolation we've had much more rain than sun here these past three weeks. Now, when the sun comes out, you can bet it's cold and getting colder.

Beautiful, wet photographs! I can almost feel everything saying "ahhhh!"

Susan, thank you. It seems to me that some people, the sun worshippers if you will, forget how important rain is. As a gardener, I was so glad to see it come, even if it's too much at once. Our big cedars for example are looking more stressed that usual for this time of year with lots of orange.

So, late fall has come to your area. I've read of snowfalls here and there on the prairies. It's actually warmer (11C) these nights with all the cloud cover. The darkness indoors takes some adjusting to, I admit.

Beth, thanks! The gardens and forests are indeed saying 'ahhh' as well as this gardener who is tired of doing all the watering :-)

Those floating leaves beat my present crop of leaves "printed" on the pavement.

Joe, but I love your 'printed' leaves on pavement. I've never had the luck to have my camera with me when I see some. In some parts of Vancouver, the sidewalks have textures of leaves embedded in them. Again, no photos.

These pix remind me of the tropical downpour at your house when we were there!
I know you welcome the return of cool weather.

Hattie, I remember that day! Thankfully the weather improved greatly after that and we had a glorious though dry summer and fall. Yes, I do prefer the cooler temperatures though the rain inhibits some of the gardening jobs still needing to be done before winter.

Ah! That second photo reminds me of M.C. Escher's Three Worlds (1955). Magnificent!

Rouchswalwe! I went off to find that piece - it is HERE! I'm pleased my modest photo reminded you of this, thank you.