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January rain


It's back to normal January weather in the rainforest zone.
I think about how to capture rain on pixels.
I try it from the indoors looking out through rain spattered windows.
I acknowledge the beauty of this manifestation of nature.
I overcome the downer of greyness and dimness indoors.


Marja-Leena | 22/01/2007 | 11 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Photography


On the Olympic Peninsula, the mountains really do provide a rainshadow. So, we have all the grey, but not the patterns of raindrops on the windows. The worst days are the ones without any contour in the sky.

Camera therapy, eh? But these are very successful shots, M-L.

Hi Robin! Thanks for dropping by, our paths have crossed at many other blogs, and I've visited yours from time to time, so it's great to have you here! Recently you wrote "Winter is an internal season" and I totally agree. I seem to have been preoccupied by our extreme weather, with power outages encouraging a cozying up by the fire and a slowing down of body and mind, a kind of hibernation. I'm still having some difficulty picking up speed, heh. We are right below the mountains here, so we get huge rain clouds that blow in from the ocean and get stuck above us.

Dave, that's right! Nothing like making some art out of what annoys, eh! Glad you like the results, I was rather surprised and pleased myself.

They are nice - nicely capture the view and the mood. Tonight I left work and it was snowing lightly. It's nice to see snow - not a huge dumping of it, but the lovely flakes that bring back that joy I had whenever it snowed when I was a child.

Leslee, thanks. I know just what you mean about the joy of lovely snowflakes!

It's all very well getting all arty about it, Marja-Leena, but I just had all my windows cleaned before the rainstorm arrived and pixelled them up again,

Hehe, Anna. But you can't be serious cleaning your windows this time of year!? We only do them in summer, let them look pixellated the rest of the year, it's a lost cause.

Can't help it, I have a bloke on a monthly contract - and he picks the wrong weather every time. He has one saving grace though, he cleans behind spiders' webs so as not to disturb them. Man after my own heart.

Anna, a bloke on a monthly contract! I want one, I want! Even a couple of times a year would be nice for we have too many windows on two stories...I want...!

I love the photos you've been taking lately! This top one especially, and the snowflakes! Yes, we're stuck inside and the days are grey, but you make it something beautiful.

Beth - thank you! We're finally having warmer sunnier days which are a real joy. I even found a few snowdrops in my garden, later than usual. Have you noticed the days are getting longer?