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June beginnings


It's just as well that the weather has caved into cold rains this week, for my sore body needed the rest from gardening and the occasional helping hand for my husband as he replaced the rotten garden steps.

It's just as well also because this week I'm busy preparing some of my work to put into an exhibit shared with an artist friend, making decisions on which of my already framed works to choose, updating the artist's statement, a short CV, a list of works and contact info. Today I will wrap up the work and pack it securely into the van (which I have to clean first). Early tomorrow morning, I will pick up my friend and her work, then drive to a town an hour away and install the works. Details on that later...

Yesterday evening, needing a break, I turned on the news on TV and was listening to Barack Obama's victory speech, what an inspiring orator he is. Our hopes for a better leader for our neighbour have risen!

Then I happened on a fabulous program on the Knowledge Network, BC's own public TV channel: The Opera Gala with Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanca, Ramón Vargas, and Ludovic Tézier performing opera favourites in a live concert from Baden-Baden, Germany. My husband joined me for a most pleasurable two plus hours of wonderful music by these superb young artists, all new to us except for Netrebko. I think we're going to purchase this DVD or CD!

A late bedtime, then I was awake at 5 this morning, restless in body, still sore from the weekend's labours, and a wee bit anxious with the work ahead of me today and tomorrow. An afternoon nap is on the schedule!

Marja-Leena | 04/06/2008 | 12 comments
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A good choice of flower for someone with so much passion for work.

Thanks Anna, but don't make me too saintly, I can be very lazy too!

What a stunning, dramatic flower. As Anna says, it's a perfect symbol of your work--and also reminds me of the bright change many of us are hoping for with Barack Obama.

Thank you, Patry! Hope and change are big words these days, aren't they? Now I'll look on my passionflower with those thoughts.

A dramatic image, breathtaking, that seems to bode well for the beginning of a new season.

mb - glad you like it and I hope you are right!

We had a dreadfully rainy day for our drive today to deliver and hang our work, very un-summer-like. This evening we put the fireplace on to cut the damp chill, refusing to restart the heating system in June, for pete's sake!

Wow... what a great picture! And the colors, coll they may appear, give such drama to the flower.

Hi Maria, what a pleasure to have you visit! Thanks, I'm glad you like the photo.

Oops, I see that my message got truncated somewhere along the way -- I can't remember what was lost, but I do love that image of the flower.

And I do visit, though I have been quite negligent lately about commenting! :)

Maria, yes, I noticed but I figured that your message still came through - thanks! Glad you visit, as I do at yours; I don't comment often either, so no worries...

Beautiful! You know despite its name, passionflower is a sedative! I take it when I need to calm down, and sometimes along with valerian to sleep if I'm too wired up. (If you've ever taken valerian in drops, you'll be happy to know that passionflower tastes a lot better!)

Leslee, interesting, I didn't know that about the passionflower. I have used valerian in the past, the gel capsule I think it was, and remember it's bad odour.