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Marja-Leena | 30/06/2010 | 9 comments
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First photo frightened me: seemed extra-terrestrial in an invasive way. Second one, pretty colors but curious things coming toward me. Third, sweet blue, always reassuring color, unoganized and unthreatening.

Curious reaction to nature...not sure where it comes from!

Hi Naomi! Sorry that you find these scary. It's amazing how a tiny seed pod, blown up by a macro lens and shown bigger than real life, can take on another feel altogether. Is it the feeling of death? Yet there's new life inside the seeds. Unlike the first two, the third photo is of newly opening flower buds, the heart of a laceleaf hydrangea.

I always love these macros - it is like another world. Speaking of unworldly, the blue hydrangeas around here have come out unworldly blue!

Yep, these remind me of those deep sea photos of creatures you could never imagine in your wildest dreams.

Leslee and R, glad you like! And yes, I do love the surprise of the otherworldliness (is that a word?) of macro photography. I should use a tripod though because so many do not turn out but I'm rather lazy.

That is a lovely blue. I resist tripods too.

Lucy, I envy how you achieve such great photos with your new camera, and without a tripod. Must be the photographer! Mind, our cameras are getting old as this technology keeps improving so fast.

Simple beautiful

Cathy, thank you.