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Marja-Leena | 22/06/2011 | 10 comments
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google earth! but i thought you went outside in the junkyard? ;P xx

Elisa, amazing what earth like images one can find in a junkyard, eh.

Marja-Leena I am fascinated especially by the contrast of the chaotic lines of the fibres (which look so animal-like) and the regular markings as if for a measure on the bottom image.

The first one is oddly beautiful... I'm back to thinking about maps again with the second. The third makes me think of bog bodies.

Is that ice on rust? Whatever the composition the result is quite magnificent in your capable hands. I can take a picture but not real photographs.

Olga, me too!

Marly, 'bog bodies' sound gruesome!

Susan, hmm, it does look like ice. Thanks for the credit but its really the subjects that make the photos.

I love the last one, which is clearly underwater, but seems to be growing hair.

Robbi, welcome, new reader! It is not underwater though I can see it would look like it. What looks like hair are strands of fibreglass I think.

That first photo is a stunner.

Dave, glad you like it.