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Marja-Leena | 26/06/2011 | 10 comments
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I posted some pictures that I think (hope) you will like....

Mouse, yes, I love your photos of the ancient stone circle, dearly wish I could have been there with you.

the uncertain scale is extraordinary! x

Elisa, of course, you've been in that junkyard too....

I love these. Your close-up shots are otherworldly.

Right at the moment I'm wishing I still had my camera that had multiple lenses - including a macro one. Of course, it wasn't digital so wouldn't be much use for photographing beads.

Susan, I'm glad you like these. As you know, I do love close-ups. I wish you did have your camera and macro lens - I'd love to see your photo work. I think one can still find some kinds of film and developers, then one can scan/digitize the photos. Which reminds me, I think we have all the cameras and lenses we ever owned, plus some of my father-in-law's - just gathering dust in a closet, sadly.

That first one might be doors and balconies form some derelict Soviet era housing block--and I'm expecting some practitioner of parkour to come tumbling by.

The others are resistent to humanizing--firmly in the realm of the abstract.

Marly, you sent me off to the dictionary again to check out "parkour". Of course, I know what that is, but not by that name - always learning something new!

You'll be glad to know I discovered the macro function on my Minolta. I certainly was :-)

Susan, hooray! Is this your digital camera? Looking forward to seeing what you see through that macro!