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loving the textures and contrasts of worn wood and rusty metals....

Marja-Leena | 28/06/2011 | 5 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


What a treasure trove that visit was! I can see so many potential pictures in the top photo alone.

and all eventually turns to rust. Beautifully done.

Olga, yes, I'm quite excited by these finds and additions to my image library, and seeing what might emerge in future work.

Susan, yes, that sense of time again. Thank you.

Somehow these have a flavor of the old West to me! Must be the verical boards and that flange-ish shape (bike tire?) reminding me faintly of a broken-down shotgun.

Marly, I agree about the old West feeling. The boards may be part of a wall or door from the barn which Richard renovated into his workshop. I didn't see the suggestion of a shotgun though but that's a good one!