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junkyard finds 5




not only texture, also repetition and pattern....

Marja-Leena | 06/07/2011 | 9 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


i would be tempted to put some of this in my garden too, i can imagine with plants growing over it might be quite something. sculptural stuff xx

Oh! I'd better not let my Buick see that first one!

Elisa, hmm, maybe some of them might work - if I had a garden like Derek Jarman's.

Rouchswalwe, yes or yours might run away.

Perhaps the second and third might encourage wormage... Alien vermiform parties.

Marly, that sounds too creepy! Maybe you've been writing too many ghost stories.

The chains are my favorite. Even a rusted work chain has nobility.. but not chain link fences.

Susan, I love the chains too, though I never thought of them that way before. Derek Jarman's garden has some too. No chain link fences for me either.

Junk to be proud of. I can't resist it, like you it seems.

Joe, I'm so glad you are enjoying these. I think there will be one more post in this series...