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junkyard finds 6


having fun with circles
the last in the series, I think

Marja-Leena | 09/07/2011 | 9 comments
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Oh Yum! Now where is that white fabric and the vinegar bottle? All that beautiful rust!


The colours and forms are very beautiful. That last one would defy most artists insofar as matching hues.

Oh Sally! Tell me how you make rust prints that way. I've never done it. Unfortunately these rusty circles are a five hour drive away but I have a few other small things around here.

Susan, aren't they lovely? I fell in love with the colours in the last one too - wouldn't it be a challenge to duplicate that with your watercolours?

All your junkyard pictures (and objects) are beautiful, Marja-Leena, but these suns and planets are especially glorious. Could be ancient relics, Aztec maybe. Takes an eye like yours to discover them.

Natalie, thank you, it takes another artist to see what you see. I had fun making this collage, I'm thinking of how I may use this series of junkyard images in some way in my printworks when I get back to the print studio in the fall.

I love that spring thing.

Joe, that one is intriguing and different from the others.

So yellow and blue, that one! Ezekiel's wheels...

Marja-Leena, somehow I can't get to your home page today. Shall try again--today is all talk and final revision, anyway. Just wanted to tell you that I posted PETROGLYPHS! Actually I may have sent you a link to this rather famous (around my younger home) stone.

Okay, back to finish up the talk that I give in three hours and work on the ms. Fun is over. I'm not visiting anybody else till I am d-o-n-e.

Marly, your comment squeaked in somehow between all the problems with the server and changeover to a new one. Hope it is all good now and I can reply. I love your petroglyph post, just made for me and bookmarked! Hope the talk went well and you'll be soon finished with the editing. Thanks for taking the time out to visit and comment.