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Kiki Smith revisited


Kiki Smith
Jewel (#2), 2004
etching 14 x 17 inches
(from Barbara Krakow Gallery)

I love Kiki Smith's work and have mentioned her several times in my blog, most importantly the MOMA video presentation on her printmaking. Today, thanks to Linden Langdon, I'm admiring more of her works on the website of the Barbara Krakow Gallery.These are mostly prints with some sculpture, drawings and photographs. Also mentioned by Linden, and by a commenter on my earlier post, is the excellent PBS video series art:21 featuring numerous artists including Kiki Smith with her very moving sculptures. Enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 11/08/2005 | 7 comments
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I'm a huge Kiki Smith fan too. Thanks for the links!

Marja-Leena, to be honest I don't like her work. Just pretty uninspired stuff, I have the feeling that those animals get used, exploited, but it adds nothing to me, it gives me no value of what I consider art. But I love your blog and respect your love to Kiki Smith and to printmaking (where I have no clue of) very much. Best regards. Hans

Everybody likes different things even in art. What speaks to me, may not for you, and vice versa and that's OK. I appreciate your honesty and respect, Hans. Thank you both for dropping by!

I visited her site and enjoyed her work--and her words--a lot. She doesn't sound like anyone who would exploit animals to me.

I agree, Patry. There are some artists who have taken dead animals and put them into their work - that's real exploitation.

If you haven't seen the PBS series Art:21 - Art in the 21st Century - it is awesome. The segment on Kiki SMith is a must-see for those who appreciate her work. SHe is a very interesting person. She explains how she started by drawing dead animals that she found in nature.

Anyway - the series is available at the public library on VHS or DVD. It's inspiring and interesting to see artists at work in their studios, and talking about their work.

Thanks for sharing the links about Kiki :}

Jackie, I looked at the ones shown at the link. I guess there's more and shall see if our library has it, though I may have to try the art school one. Thanks for chiming in!