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Checking through my old bookmarks, I came across an old BBC article about the opening last February of a Stonehenge in New Zealand.

"For millennia people have gazed in awe at Stonehenge, often totally unaware of how structures such as this were used. Stonehenge Aotearoa is not a replica of the ruin on Salisbury Plain in England. It is a complete and working structure designed and built for its precise location in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. The henge stones, viewed from the centre, mark the daily rise and set positions of the sun, moon and bright stars. The henge also forms a Polynesian star compass marking the bearings taken by Polynesian sailors to and from Aotearoa." - from the website for Stonehenge Aotearoa. Have a look at the dramatic pictures.

A must-see when we go to New Zealand one day with our Kiwi friends!

Marja-Leena | 30/09/2005 | 2 comments
themes: Modern Rock Art, Rock Art & Archaeology


At first blush it seemed pretty cool. But learning that they used wooden frames covered with cement boar instead of stones dampened my interest considerably. I suspect I'm like a lot of people in that my main interest in megaliths is that they are *stone.* Astronomical functions are interesting but secondary to me.

Dave, I agree with you totally. The fact that these are manufactured using modern equipment does not have the aura of the ancient megaliths. Just imagining how the huge natural rocks were put up with mens' sweat and minimal tools, along with the correct astronomy, the druids etc. excites me much much more.