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a finely delicate, yet strong, lace-like skeleton of a magnolia leaf....

Marja-Leena | 27/01/2010 | 7 comments
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Beautiful lace indeed!
P.s. blogissani on haaste sinulle, ole hyvä

Can't say why exactly, I simply like both of these (or? Is the same leaf?). The more I look, the more I think of some of the pottery I saw in southern Japan (from the Korean-influenced potters). Then my thoughts swing to tea leaves ... and then I see a cozy old kitchen in the depths of winter and imagine all sorts of conversations ... about this and that and about how the same thing can be seen slightly differently through another language.

A view of the way the universe is held together in microcosm. Moving and thought-provoking!

You seem to be going in a new and fascinating direction. I love your eye for detail.

Leena, thanks, kiitos paljon! I'll work on that challenge, I just have to figure out which of my hundreds of folders scattered all over the place I'm to choose from!

rouchswalwe, I'm thrilled that these remind you of Asian pottery designs, for that's what I see too, especially the black and gold one! They are both the same leaf, the top scanned with the lid down and the bottom with the lid up. I'm also reminded of lovely brocade fabrics, and love your thoughts on tea leaves, old kitchens and conversations.... thank you!

Joe, well-said and thanks!

Hattie, actually I've done this kind of scanning before. I love looking at the almost microscopic, which the scanner lets me do. And of course the recent macro photos are another form of that kind of looking.

the bottom photo is amazing! the clarity, the pattern, it is like one is peering into the universe whilst at the same time peering right before one's nose.

Taina, isn't nature inspiring and thought-provoking, if we only take the time to look at it closely, sometimes VERY closely?