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leaves in ice




Wandering around with camera in hand
in daughter's yard on a sunny Christmas Day morning,
astonished by these beauties captured in ice....

Marja-Leena | 03/01/2011 | 7 comments
themes: Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks


It's always amazing what a closer look will show. These are beautiful.

Susan, thanks, yes to closer looks! I have more photos to come in this series.

The bottom photo is fascinating. The leaves look like they are made of gold and silver. And what are the round white things?

Hattie, glad you like. I think these are bubbles in the water, part frozen and part thawing, and the white colouring is coming off the limestone gravel on the driveway.

Amazing. How do you do that? So lovely.

Patterns and objects in ice always seems like nature making art, lovely shots.

Anne, thanks, and thank the camera and the opportunity that came forth for me to see and capture it. You can do it too!

Lucy, absolutely! Thanks