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Marja-Leena | 12/05/2009 | 12 comments
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I hope you enjoy Paris as much as I do- love it to bits!

Ah, yes. The green's different over there. Hope it's been a marvelous trip.

Ah, the dear old English rose. I thought of you twice yesterday. Once when passing Stonehenge, and again in the evening when watching a fascinating programme on BBC4 about the brochs on Shetland. It's an Open University collaboration series entitled Landscape Mysteries
I hope that you were able to watch it. If not, it will doubtless be available on dvd sometime soon.

Have a great time in Paris.

A rose that won't wilt. Wonderful!

Dijanne, everyone tells us how much they love Paris! I can hardly believe we'll be there tomorrow.

Lucas, yes, a different green indeed, and thank you it has been marvelous!

Olga, that sounds like a fascinating programme, hope we'll see it someday. I also thought of you today and your post on Hockney's exhibition here in London. We had hope to go see it but ran out of energy after the Tate Modern!

Rouchswalwe, this rose may not wilt but it looks like it rusts! A lot of maintenance is required around these old places in England...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. My first trip to Paris was after several days in London - what a change of culture Paris is! I love Paris - and May is such a lovely time to be there. Enjoy!

Enjoy Paris. I hope to get there in Sept.

A white rose, in fact - symbol of the House of York, hence Yorkshire my renounced birthplace. Great to meet you both in the salubrious India Club (also known as the Curry Club). Did you notice the holes in the lino? All part of the local colour. Enjoy yourself in the City Of Lights.

How funny, I just left BB's blog having said I want to know just what you all had to eat at the India Club (AKA Bloggers' Retreat), and that I wanted DETAILS, and then the next word I read was that here!

So glad you're having a marvellous European time, and sorry not to be able to catch you this side of the Channel. However, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time in Paris just the two of you!

Look forward to more photos and words later...

Leslee and Hattie, thanks! Culture shock is right, first the immensity of London, the crowds, the traffic, the huge museums, and now the same yet different again in Paris. We arrived here yesterday afternoon and we're getting our bearings here. I realize I'm a small city girl when the mass of humanity hits me so hard in the gut! Yet there is so much that is amazing to see that I just have to take it in slowly, like right now by having a rest in our apartment. We're missing personal guides here, which we had with our family in London, but managing.

BB, you are a walking encyclopedia! Yes, we certainly noticed the local colour and truly enjoyed meeting you and V. I'm only sorry we forgot to take photos. Thanks for making the trip into London to meet us!

Lucy, your name came up several times with both Plutarch and BB and the India Club, we make an illustrious group, eh?! We'll meet some other time, I hope! Thanks for the good wishes!

Best deal in Paris: the lunchroom at the Louvre. Pile your plate high with goodies for a fixed price!

Hattie, thanks for the tip! We'll try it on Wednesday when we go to the Louvre. We were at the Pompidou today, saw great exhibitions of Kandinsky and Calder!