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More details underfoot and on garden walls in London's Muswell Hill neighbourhood

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Marja-Leena | 14/08/2009 | 20 comments
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The top one especially reminds me of the work of the Boyle family:

Olga, thanks for another fantastic link. I'd not heard of the Boyle family, love their work.

It would be tempting to make them black and white, to accentuate the pattern and the way they look like signs and symbols, but I'm glad you haven't as that would lose the subtle colours in stone and metal and tile. I like the one wiht the horizontal tiles repalcing the stone in the wall. I always think of London as primarily brick, but those granite sets remind me of here...

Thanks for your comment and concern at mine, I'm absolutely fine, been a bit busy away frm the computer, but enjoyably so!

(-I also liked seeing your post on Miguel's visit, I don't read very often at his, but he seems so like I'd imagine!)

Marja-Leena, I continue to marvel at the beauty and variety of these artefacts you discovered in London. You are truly an explorer of the unexpectedly wonderful. A lesson to us all to keep our eyes open.

How wonderful! Thanks for drawing our eyes to these. What Natalie said. :-)

I see Japanese calligraphy in these (and the second could be Chinese from the I Ching). Wonderful!

Lucy, I had thought of B & W for this series, but like you felt that the subtle colours were their strength - glad we agree!

Of course there is life beyond the computer that we must enjoy. This weekend all our family minus son-in-laws are here. And this evening we will be with many artist friends at a BBQ.

Natalie, I treasure your words, coming from another artist, thank you!

Leslee, I'm pleased you enjoy these. Some think I'm odd :-)

Rouchswalwe, how fascinating! Our responses are certainly coloured by our life experiences and interests, aren't they?

Oooh, wanna touch! Such glorious textures.

It's not so much the drain covers that fascinate me but the rackety state of the surrounding road surfaces. All the fault of being subjected to the passage of barouches, phaetons and curricles.

What a marvelous eye for detail you have. Somehow those close-ups draw us into the time these buildings and streets were alive.

hhb, yes, as you can see I love textures.

BB, the older and more weathered, the more interesting it seems to be for me. I love that image of ancient wheels on those streets.

Anne, thanks. During this trip, my husband took the usual photos of sights but I just itched to capture these kind of details, so one day on a long walk with the family around the neighbourhood, I claimed the camera! Still more to show...

I like how you make even the horizontal surfaces stack up.

Or, rise in stacks, I should say.

Yes, the beautifully detailed photographs of what lay at your feet are easily as lovely as any landscape including buildings, water and sky.

They are so enigmatic. They want to say something but have no language.

Bill, that's an interesting observation. Somehow these all fit together from a larger selection, for their stacking effect as you say.

Susan, oh, thank you!

Hattie, they may have no language yet there is a lot of history in them and makes me think about the unknown hands that put them there, even off all the feet and vehicles (thanks again, BB) that have crossed them (except the walls of course).

I just love those textures!

Claude, thanks! I'm so enjoying your photos too!

A lovely texture fiesta! Ditto what all y'all said!

Hi Lori, great to have you here, and thanks!