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Continuing the photo series of street furniture in London's Muswell Hill neighbourhood...
I love Thomas Dudley, Dauntless Ductile who sounds like a character in a children's storybook.

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Marja-Leena | 23/08/2009 | 11 comments
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This series just doesn't get old. What a break from the usual tourist snapshots!

I agree about Dauntless Ductile, a name that probably dates back to the days when manufacturers were thought to be inherently evil ("among those dark satanic mills"). But here's one with a poetic streak. Tell you what - if you collected all these man-hole photos, enlarged them a little and put them into a single large frame you'd have a real conversation piece, possibly a work of art. But, to quote Clint Eastwood in "Magnum Force" I fear I may be failing to recognise my limitations.

Dave is right. You have a wonderful eye, and it would be fun to walk down a street with you.

In NYC, most of the manhole covers are prominently marked "Made in India.," which delights me.

Dave, that's great, for I still have more!

Barrett, I have serious plans to make this into a series of prints, and your idea of putting them into one has merit. Just maybe not all 40 of them :-)

Lucas, thanks so much, and what a delight it would be to walk together while you look up and I look down! "Made in India" surprises me. Are there no really old ones in NYC such as these English ones? Ah, maybe I'm challenging you to now walk the streets looking down!

Yes. I would love to have an artwork of yours based on these photos! They really are special.

I love the Dauntless Ductile! These are wonderful, Marja-Leena. And would make a very interesting piece or collection together.

Just saying 'Thomas Dudley, Dauntless Ductile' makes me smile.

Rouchswalwe, watch out, you might get bored!

Hattie, I hope the artwork will turn out, thanks!

Leslee, thanks to you too!

Susan, me too!

Ah, beauty in a man-hole cover! Now that's something else!

Anne, yes, strange eh? Actually most of these are too small to allow a man through. I'm just amazed that I found about 40 different and attractive designs in an afternoon walk in just one community.