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We are enjoying fantastic summer weather on this last long weekend of summer with Labour Day today. I'm enjoying a short spell of peace and quiet while our visitors have gone canoeing on the sea.

Marja-Leena | 04/09/2006 | 8 comments
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that image is amazing! it looks like gold... it looks like you scanned that, but it's so fragile!

Olen yhtä mykistynyt kuin ensimmäinen kommentoijasikin: kuvaamasi kara on kuin kaunis kultaesine.

Kävin Tampereella katsomassa Fabergén aika -näyttelyn, ja yllä oleva "teos" voisi vallan hyvin kuulua Venäjän vanhojen mestareiden kokoelmiin. Upea!

It is beautiful.
This photograph is very good.
I love Hoozki.

Wow, it looks like a delicate piece of art that took months to make! When I lived in Hawaii I would go around collecting various strange seed pods and I'd try to incorporate them into my paintings. That's one thing about Alaska, are seed pods just aren't that interesting.

Thanks Erika! Yes, it is scanned but with the lid propped up to barely touch it. I was amazed that it came out looking like it's made of gold. I only adjusted the light and contrast a little bit.

Hei Viides Rooli! Hauska nähdä täällä ja kiitos. Ihme kyllä että itse olin jo ajatellut että tämä muistuttaa Fabergén munia. Olin nähnyt näytöksen monta vuotta sitten muistaakseen New Orleansin taidemuseossa.

Kuriyama, thank you! I did not know what "hoozki" meant but found a photo on the net of a Chinese lantern (physalis)! Yes, that is what this is! Now I know another Japanese word.

Elise, amazing what a scanner can do, isn't it? I guess Hawaii's plant life is much more exotic looking than what the northern climates offer. But I think if you look hard you'd find much interesting material.

You're right, that's what I love about your photos of things you come across on the ground, I realize there are so many interesting shapes, patterns, little bits of trash, debris from nature etc. that are all so interesting if you only take the time to really see them.

Elise, as artists I think we can help people see the world around them with fresh eyes, in a way that they may not have done before. I may have told this story before of our very first visit to Hornby Island, one of the northern Gulf Isalnds. My dear friend was showing me one of her favourite beaches that is covered with weathered rocks. I spotted a very unusual rock (which I photographed and later used often in my work). I remember how E. commented that she would never have noticed it and so many other interesting details on that beach until I pointed them out in my excitement. It surprised me and made me realize that not everyone SEES the same way.