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the view north from an office on the seventh floor of a tower:
the highrises of downtown Vancouver bleak against glowering showering clouds
hiding mountains, covering them in snow?

Marja-Leena | 18/11/2010 | 3 comments
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My goodness, that skyline looks nothing like the Vancouver I remember from many years ago. There were some downtown skyscrapers then but not so many. Where are the mountains? This looks like New York! Nice misty photo though.

Ah yes, that Northwest gloom. We have volcanic smog today, for the first time in months, so you can be glad you are not experiencing that.

Natalie, yes, Vancouver has grown a lot, especially the downtown with all the office and condo towers making its density similar to New York's. The mountains lie behind, shrouded by clouds.

Hattie, volcanic smog might not be nice but it's warmer in Hawaii! This afternoon, driving home from the studio, I was stunned by the sudden sight of brilliant snow capped peaks when some clouds lifted for a bit. There's a snowfall warning for tonight and tomorrow and it's cold enough that it may stick where we are near sea level. Thanks to La Nina for an early winter this year.