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sitting here with no words to offer but a bit of my view over the back yard...

Marja-Leena | 29/06/2010 | 9 comments
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Rather a lovely bit of back garden it is too!

I wish I could get the sense of movement into my photos the way you do.

Oh that's lovely! Please explain what all the objects are, won't you?

Here's an example of nature imitating man-made artefacts. At least I assume they're natural. The spikes on the sides of those vertical whatnots are so regular they resemble the threaded shafts in engineering (the name escapes me; Fred would know) whereby linear motion is converted into rotary motion. See, there's a little bit of engineering in you, M-L, even if you wot not of it.

I like the giraffe looking out too, he looks like he is about to go for a ramble on the lawn.

It's lovely to see all that expansive green beyond the window pane.

Thanks, all, for your interest in what I thought was a rather ordinary snapshot!

Julie, that part of the garden is 'the forest'!

Hattie, it just happens, I don't even think about it, and I'm not trying to sound superior or anything.

Jean, the terracotta pot contains a type of euphorbia and some pieces of broken pottery. Behind it leaning against the glass is a rusty metal ring (which I wrote about once). Beside it is a small wooden carved giraffe from Africa, a gift to my husband from his mother. On the far right you can see some branches of an aloe vera.

BB, hah! I will ask Fred about that engineering term!

Julia, I thought the giraffe turned out rather well in the photo. Too bad the wooden rhinoceros, about to follow, was hiding behind the pot - you can just see it's curving back!

Maria, yes, I find it very restful to gaze out as I think about what to write!

Well, Rhinos are rather shy, you know. He's probably waiting for the giraffe to decide what's next before coming out of hiding.

R, ooh, this sounds like it could be the start of a lovely story to tell the little ones!