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It's been a most glorious Easter weekend weatherwise and we really have deserved it. Over just these few days I have been astonished by the huge burst of new growth, of fresh green leaves on shrubs and the magnolia buds now revealing their fat white tips above their grey furry sheaths. I've been truly enjoying puttering about in the garden. You say you want to see more flower photos?

Oh, but the amateur archaeologist in me was quite tickled to find this strange rust and dirt encrusted metal object when cleaning leaves along the back fence. I wonder what it is*, how long it's been there, and who lost it? Anyway, I've had fun scanning it and adding it to my collection of images of strange and often rusty found objects, such as this one and another one.

*Husband tells me it is a bike wrench.

Marja-Leena | 08/04/2012 | 15 comments
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Is it a serpent, perhaps?


I think it's a dachshound (mäyräkoira), they often have bellies hanging down. I've known one quite well when I was young,

Studied then their history and found out that Brits used them for hunting rabbits and foxes. They can burrow into burrows (?).

Home archeology is more fun. Yeah, I'll believe it's a wrench. I was thinking some sort of hook or brace.

Just my sort of thing. Nature has transformed a wrench worth a few pence into a sculpture. It has a beauty all of its own and needs no explanation either of its shape or its provenance.

Hattie, perhaps, or a seahorse, or a baby dragon - something mythical!

Ripsa, it does look like a daschund too. Interesting history, I didn't know that.

zhoen, 'home archaeology' - that's a good title! Have you found such 'treasures' around your place?

Joe, yes, well said!

One of the benefits of mild myopia has often been a tendency to initially identify otherwise common objects as magical things. Sometimes distant buildings will morph into alternate landscapes that I enjoy holding in my mind's eye as long as I can. Your rusty bicycle wrench could well be a rune that points the way to an alternate dimension.

Susan, you have magical vision! And I love what you say about the wrench possibly being "a rune that points the way to an alternate dimension"! Thank you.

Clearly a bearded dragon!

Marly, yes indeed!

I thought cats at first, having just watched a video of a cat. But dachshunds I know all about, having had three in my life and now an eagle-eyed dachshund spotter when out and about. They were bred to hunt badgers, which are reportedly rather nasty fighters, thus the dachshund's personality of being rather willful - one would have to think for oneself when hunting underground down a badger hole. Anyway, what interesting finds! A simple rusted wrench, but looking like prehistoric animal figures. Wonderful!

Leslee, that's most interesting about daschunds. Everyone seems to see some kind of animal here, and prehistoric as well - I like that, thanks.

I was thinking of you the other day as I walked down an alley, newly free from the winter ice, and finding rusty bits and pieces...this terrific one is definitely in the animal category, don't you think?

Beth, so rusty bits remind you of me, heh! This find certainly is more interesting than the usual rusty nails, nuts and bolts with its animal like shape.

ah, yes, the mystical and rare daschdragon wrench. a tool of untold value, with magical properties. guard it well, and we shall all guard your secret.

gfid, oh, I love this, I shall now call this my rare daschdragon wrench, thank you! (Do I know you - do you have a blog? I remember you've visited before.)