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Thank you all for the comments and conversation on my last post about my efforts on learning macro photography.

Above are the photos I took that same day outdoors in our garden using the same lens as before. The afternoon sun was getting lower and weaker and starting to hide behind some tall trees. The top image is a little blurry because of a slight breeze but I still like it very much. I'm very pleased with the results and again, I wish you could see them much larger. I did, this time, do some slight adjustments of the levels on all of these images, in PhotoShop.

I've been wanting to share a well-known quote I recently reread that resonates for me in many ways:

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
          - Albert Schweitzer

from Artist Quote of the Day, with thanks to my friend Dorothy

Marja-Leena | 20/01/2010 | 8 comments
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I liked the second picture. There's beauty in degrading life too.

The more the ribs are seen the better light patterns that will emerge.

Macro photography can be such fun.

On both my cameras I use the macro facility almost every time I take photographs.I find it very helpful being able to switch without changing lenses. But perhaps one does better with a dedicated lense.

Anil, backlighting is interesting, especially when it reveals the ribs, as you say. Thanks for writing.

Joe, the quick switching is definitely a fantastic feature with digital cameras. I'll not be giving up that ease of use during my casual photo taking.

So many things to see. Thanks for sharing these.

Amazing pictures. At first I was sure I was seeing a picture of a tiny bat, then I realized it couldn't be. I really want one of those lenses.

Hattie, thanks for dropping by.

Anne, glad you like these. Yes that second image does look bat-like - it's just dead plant life. Watch out, this can become an expensive hobby!

The pictures are very nice and you're gaining skill with the macro lens by leaps and bounds. It's wonderful to see nature's harmony and beauty in close-up while sipping tea rather than going outside to squint at the branches before the daylight departs.

Susan, thanks and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying these with a nice cup o' tea!