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looking up, looking under and looking down
while awaiting arrival of old friends
on this beautiful Earth Day

Marja-Leena | 22/04/2013 | 7 comments
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An absolutely gorgeous display you have there and one well worth the wait as well. My favorites in Portland were the star magnolia.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful time with your friends.

Magnolia's are almost unreally gorgeous, and so fleeting, like all spring blossom. Every spring I mean to take a photo of a splendid one on a garden terrace on the ramparts of our local medieval town, but it can only really be seen from a difficult spot on the road, and it never seems to be the moment to stop, and then before I know it it's finished again for another year! Perhaps I should go and do it now...

Your magnolia is way ahead of ours. There's no justice in the world.

Delicious! I have scilla and Lenten roses and snowdrops and such--chilly little flowers!

Susan, I love the earlier star magnolias too - there are some gorgeous ones in the neighbourhood and the patk nearby. Thanks, having a great visit - endless talk and eating! The weather is perfect for our winter-weary Albertans.

Lucy, magnolias are indeed fleeting though this year's seem to be exceptional here. Hope you get those photos!

Joe, they do seem a little earlier this year for we had a milder winter, while I know you've had a tough one with a late spring. Next year will likely be the reverse.

Marly, spring flowers are the very best, so special after a long winter, even here on the wet coast.

Walking past a large magnolia the other day, I was struck by a falling petal. It lodged in my glasses and I stood there for a moment. Struck by spring.

Rouchswalwe, a gift of spring, how delightful!