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As we move further out to the point away from the most striking 'wave' rocks of the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola Island, we continue to see and admire amazing formations and textures and colours. Nature's art work worthy of belonging in a gallery....

Marja-Leena | 16/05/2011 | 8 comments
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Some great rotting behemoth with tattered skin has washed up on the shore to make us stare...

I sometimes wonder at the puny attempts we make to create art when all this stuff is around. The world around us is one vast gallery. Thank you for sharing your photos of these fabulous phenomena.

This is unlike anything I have seen before. And to think that Mother Nature was the sculptor ... is the sculptor.

All of our best inspiration comes from nature. These pictures are part of the proof that nature will always anticipate us.

Marly, I love your imagination, the way you see the magical and otherworldly. You've also reminded me of the great blue whale whose bones are now hanging at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

Olga, yes to "our puny attempts"! Glad you enjoy these images.

Rouchswalwe, indeed, Mother Nature IS the sculptor!

Susan, absolutely! These kind of discoveries have inspired me many times and continue to do so, in fact I look out for these.

olga, i quite agree. those islands in particular have sent me into a serious questioning of what i was making, more than once! such beauty and fascination. i hope to visit them soon! x

Ah, very nice to start the day (well, the mid-morning) with a compliment. I like the way you see the world also!

Elisa, I think many of the Gulf Islands have wonderful rock formations. I'd like to visit them all.

Marly, I do think it makes one's day to have a friendly pat on the back, eh.