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mellow days


warm, golden
long shadows, nearing equinox
cool nights, bright stars

Marja-Leena | 03/09/2011 | 13 comments
themes: Nature, Photoworks


Beautiful thought, Marja-Leena. Down here the 'clock' turns backwards, the shadows are shortening.

Even more beautiful in sepia tones.

An old movie still is how this beautiful image seemed. More exotic, perhaps, than in color.

i'm very fond of september. we caught a little bit of summer in sussex this weekend, it was wonderful. i looked a bit like that flower there. x

I'm fascinated by what is pulled out of our attic-brains when stimulated by an image. This one immediately recalled very early black and white horror films for me!

Hanhensulka, kiitos! And how do you find that, as a transplanted Finn?

Susan, thank you. Something about this month made me do it.

Naomi, yes, perhaps that nostalgia of those old movies may have been the impetus, especially after talking so much in the previous post about watching movies in our youth. Didn't realize that until now.

Elisa, September is special. I'm glad summer came back at such an opportune moment for you.

Olga, I had to laugh, sorry. And it fascinates me what people see in my images.

I don't think that I will put my hand under the top lily. There seems to be an octopus hiding underneath.

Marly, wouldn't that be something, under my stargazer lily in my backyard, with the ocean at some distance away? In our dreams, or is that a nightmare...

That's a very strange light, marja-leena. Perhaps it is a dream light. But I am still not going to put my hand near that curly little tentacle...

I do miss those romantic long shadows in northern latitudes. Lovely photo.

Marly, okay, I won't make you...

Hattie, glad you like it. It's quite hot here right now, making up for a lowsy early summer but making me rather sluggish.

The lily looks less garish in sepia, an impovement on a flower which can sometimes be too forward!

Joe, I love the stargazer's colours but the mood seemed to call out for sepia.