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We've just spent a pleasant Sunday at the apartment of our daughter, Erika, and her boyfriend. Her father tried to help her with some computer problems, while Erika and I chatted about possible layouts for the artist's website that she is designing for me. I've been eagerly looking forward to this, as I feel that I need a more professional site as a supplement to this blog. I trust Erika's eye for design and her skill with web design work, the latter of which eludes me.

Then we talked about the grad project she is working on in this, her final semester, of the Communication Design degree program at Emily Carr Institute, here in Vancouver. I'm rather tickled and proud that she has chosen to explore the Finnish half of her ancestry! I've passed on to her many books and links to websites and now I'm sharing some information about her project with you, my dear readers, because she is asking for a little help.

Erika is calling her design project Coffee and Pulla, and is asking for mentors (family not allowed):

"I'm designing a book about Finland, explored through family stories and comparisons to Canada. As a requirement, I need a mentor. Very little contact is expected by my instructor -- 2 or 3 times over the semester, which ends in mid-April -- so it may only require an hour or two of your time over the course of a couple months."

"I'm looking for any combination of:
a) a Finn who immigrated to Canada (or at least lived here for some length of time) OR
b) a Canadian who immigrated to Finland (or at least lived there for some length of time)
c) a (graphic) designer, particularly if one of the above
d) a writer
e) a photographer"

Read more about it on her blog, and if you are interested in helping her out, please contact her directly. Thank you!

Marja-Leena | 04/02/2007 | 9 comments
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I suggest Taina Maki Chahal, who fits "a" and "d" very well, and is also a professor at Lakehead University, feminist and commentator. I'll send you her e-mail address when i get home.

Peter, I have heard of Taina!! There was an article in the New World Finn, I think it was, about a fascinating conference presentation she did with several other women. Darn, I don't have the file anymore! She sounds like someone I'd love to meet. Thank you, I think Erika will be very pleased to get her contact info.

Later: I found the file! creating spirit

Sounds like a great project - shame I don't qualify as a Finn who moved to America. Best of luck!

Anniina, you are Finnish?! What a lovely website and interesting blog you have. I've bookmarked them to read closely. Your aurora borealis post caught my eye, with the Sami drum. If you are interested, I think Erika is flexible, especially since you are Finnish.

Your daughter's project sounds exciting - but so does yours! Can't wait to see what you come up with. The more time I spend online, the more interested I become in web design.

Dave, thanks! You certainly are venturing into different things on the net, so go for it! Maybe if I had more time, or wasted less time, or gave up something....

I spoke with Taina last night and have e-mailed your blog URL and Erika's project URL. It's between them, now. BTW, she was very delighted to hear that you'd read her piece in Creating Spirit. Hey, if we ever have Finn Fling here in the Lakehead again, you gotta come!

Peter - a huge thank you for this, from me as well as Erika! Wow, these blog connections are just wonderful. When I read that article, I did so wish I'd known about it beforehand and I might have tried to be there. One of the speakers focused on the Finnish rock paintings, my big interest. I wonder if she'll do this again sometime. I wish we had a larger Finnish community here, so we could attract a person like Taina to come here to do a presentation. You know, I haven't been to the Lakehead since my late teens. I have a much older cousin there with whom I've lost touch.

Yes, thank you Peter! I haven't heard from Taina yet but she sounds like an amazing person and wealth of knowledge.