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Meta-morphosis I


Meta-morphosis I
Etching, Collagraph & Woodcut
80cm x 120cm

Addendum: May 30.04
I started with one copperplate of a cracked mirror on the left. After printing it on several pieces of paper (to make the edition), I added an image of a face, etched it some more, printed again... and kept on etching and printing to end with the right image. The last printing was the woodcut and collagraph (collaged textures glued onto the wood and inked). The uninked wood textures gave an embossing that does not show in this photo.

The Meta-morphosis series is partly about this process of continually etching and breaking down the copperplate and the image.

An artists' statement will be posted soon!

Marja-Leena | 28/05/2004 | 2 comments
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I know artists decline to explain, but I would be fascinated to know how you arrived at this image. Icons?

Ikons sounds good, hadn't thought of that!

I've decided to post my answer for all to read!
Artist statement coming soon!